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Bolloré Logistics Canada - New BCCTC Corporate Member

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce is pleased to welcome its newest Corporate Member Bolloré Logistics Canada.

One of the 10 leading worldwide groups in transport organization and logistics, Bolloré Logistics Canada satisfies the demands of importers and exporters, be they large groups requiring complex supply-chain management solutions, or small- and medium-sized companies requiring assistance with their international consignments.


Bolloré Logistics Canada has been established in Montreal since 1976, and has seven offices, with 410 employees, located in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Prince Rupert and Winnipeg. The full range of logistics services are offered to the Canadian marketplace: from Ocean, air, trucking, customs brokerage to distribution & warehousing.

The company has strong partnerships with global & regional distributors of the cosmetic & fashion industry. E-commerce solutions are at the center of its value-added products offerings to support its distribution in Canada and in the USA. The company has also built a strong reputation in achieving major industrial projects.


Bolloré Logistics places technological innovation at the heart of its strategy by integrating new purpose-designed tools, strengthening its global network. The customer is at the heart of the Bolloré Logistics approach. Listening to customers’ needs and involving them in project development ensure that Bolloré Logistics produces useful and pragmatic innovations.


In 2021, there was a scissor effect between the rebound in growth and the scarcity of air capacity and, especially, shipping capacity (ships and containers), which led to sharp increases in freight rates. Despite this difficult environment and the extreme operational tensions it generated, Bolloré Logistics was able to support its global customers and thus return to activity levels that were nearly on par with those of the period preceding the global health crisis.

Activity was driven by the strength of vertical healthcare, luxury/fragrance and cosmetics markets, humanitarian aid and renewable energies, as well as the recovery of sectors hit hard in 2020, such as aerospace and automotive. Meanwhile, industrial projects, mining and oil and gas are still affected.


Launched in 2018 and based on ISO 26000, the gold standard in CSR (corporate social responsibility), the Powering Sustainable Logistics program mobilizes all Bolloré Logistics stakeholders around 11 commitments with quantified targets to be achieved by 2030.

The AcTogether internal challenge, which was created to generate more social and environmental value, took place again in 2021. The event made it possible to highlight 807 initiatives in 55 countries around the world, energize employees backing projects and share best practices across the network.

For more information, please contact:

Ross Jones

Regional Manager – Central Canada

Bollore Logistics Canada Inc

90 Admiral Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2W1 -


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