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Welsh Government Virtual Trade Mission Networking event

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Wales has a strong industrial heritage that has shaped into a confident, creative and ambitious economy.

The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce and the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you to a networking event to conclude the Welsh Government Virtual Trade Mission.

Meet 17 Welsh companies in advanced manufacturing, creative industries, energy and environment, financial and professional services, food and drink, life sciences, and technology:

  • Acuity Law was established in 1999. It is a team of 80+ exceptional and instinctively commercial lawyers working throughout the UK with offices in Cardiff, London and Swansea.

  • Air Covers is a 3D modelling, design and manufacturing company specialising in environmental protection for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, marine and land equipment.

  • CEO Dr Elin Haf Davies has over 22 years’ experience within regulatory and rare disease treatment (European Medicines Agency & Great Ormond Street Hospital). Creating Aparito to ease the burden on the clinical staff and transform the patient experience, Aparito is now recognised as a leader in the med-tech space.

  • For over 160 years, Cardiff-based BCB International has manufactured and developed pioneering equipment that has helped generations of soldiers, seafarers and aid workers operate and survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.

  • Cimteq is the leading provider of software for the design and manufacturing of cables to the global wire and cable manufacturing industry.

  • Delsion is a multi award-winning people and development consultancy, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of every organization.

  • Elmac Technologies® is the UK manufacturer of flame arresters and tank protection equipment.

  • Evan-Evans Group is Wales leading specialist brewer, contract bottler and canning company and a producer of GF and vegan beers. Founded on seven generations of brewing expertise, Evan Evans is an award-winning brand and Welsh to the core. A passion for brewing, the finest ingredients and a long heritage of family recipes all combine to make it stand out from the crowd.

  • GTW Developments – Airbond – manufacture and sells yarn splicers. Splicers uses a blast of compressed air to make joints between yarns in textile processes, connecting bobbins or repairing breakages. Splices are smoother and stronger than knots, improving quality and production efficiency.

  • Industrial Automation and Control (IAC) is an electrical systems integrator, approved by the worlds leading variable speed drive and PLC manufacturers – Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Alstom, Eurotherm, ABB, etc.

  • Mangar Health is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inflatable moving and handling and bathing equipment. Established in 1981, this year Mangar celebrates 40 years since the first powered bath lift was sold in the UK.

  • Patent Seekers is Europe’s largest independent IP research team with offices in the UK and N. America, providing contract research for around 90% of the UK Private Practice Patent attorney firms and in-house council at companies such as Sony, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Dyson, Unilever, Black & Decker, and Airbus.

  • Creators of Vortex Mixing Technology, PromiXXis the global leader in the design and manufacture of premium vortex mixers. Designed in the UK, PROMiXX mixers represent the cutting edge of vortex mixing devices.

  • Sim's Food was established in 2009 and currently serves various food service clients including several stadia, education establishments, caterers, hotels and contract caterers.

  • Wagonex is a digital fintech business which specialises in building, launching, and managing vehicle subscription and e-commerce platforms that enable the automotive industry to unlock a completely new vertical, assisting in growth and revenue.

  • Specialising in products for the wind energy sector, Workplace Worksafe Ltd has been involved with supply chains for the wind farm markets for over 15 years, working with wind farm owners, operators, and maintenance teams, as well as contractors on the different sites around the UK and Europe.

  • And Road Safety Designs Limited - BriteAngle - The Ultimate Active LED Road Safety Warning Triangles That Could Save Your Life.

Click here to register and participate.

Click here for the full profile of Welsh companies.


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