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Here’s a list of our partner organizations and the benefits to which you have access as a BCCTC member. Your BCCTC membership gives you access to events, networking opportunities and more with these organizations through a personalized BCCTC contact.


 UK’s Department for International Trade

Looking for advice on exporting from the UK to Canada or the US? The UK’s Department for International Trade can help with that. Register for their services here.


Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

Established nearly a century ago, the Chamber’s mission is to be the foremost non-governmental authority on all aspects of two-way trade and investment between Canada, the UK and Europe. The BCCTC and the Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce have an MOU, which entitles you, as a member, to get special assistance in London, UK through the Chamber.


British-American Business Council (BABC)

The BABC is the largest transatlantic business network, with 23 chapters—and 2,500 member companies, including many of the world’s largest multinationals—based in major business centres throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

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European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN)

EUCCAN is an umbrella organization bringing together 24 European Union bilateral chambers of commerce and business associations and three associate members from other European countries in Canada. BCCTC members get preferential rates at events with EUCCAN and all European bilateral chambers that are members of EUCCAN. 


British Canadian Business Association (BC-BA)

The BC-BA was created with the ultimate goal of giving back to the business communities in the UK and Canada. The BC-BA supports companies and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic, openly sharing their network and expertise with like-minded organizations to simplify the process and increase the chances of commercial and personal success.

The Loyal Societies of Toronto

The Loyal Societies of Toronto

The Loyal Societies is an informal, loosely affiliated group of British associations based in Toronto. BCCTC members get preferential rates for events with the various member groups. For a list of these organizations and links to their individual websites, click here.

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