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A new and exciting partnership for 2023!

The BABN is pleased to announce our partnership with B2BeeMatch, the fast-growing international #businessmatchmaking platform.

The BABN has been working on a partnership with B2BeeMatch for months now. This is primarily thanks to BABN President Tamra Eker, and the support of Karima-Catherine Goundiam, who sits on the board of our Toronto chapter and who is the creator of the B2BeeMatch platform!

As we all know, the pandemic has changed the way businesses communicate and collaborate, and we are optimistic that this partnership will help you navigate those changes by providing a supplement to in-person networking and B2B relationship building.

We’re pleased to share this news, to offer B2BeeMatch as a benefit to our members, and to let you know that the platform can be accessed via the BABN website and via our co-branded landing page linked below.


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