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Exciting news! BCCTC is launching a community partnership with Tech Canada Advocates (TCA).

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

TCA, founded by KC Goundiam, is part of the Global Tech Advocates network within the Tech London Advocates group, which is comprised of more than 20,000 tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the world’s most influential group in tech. With chapters in over 50 countries worldwide, its aim is to improve specific issues within the field of technology, such as diversity and inclusion, digital skills, talent mobility, infrastructure and access to funding.

BCCTC will be collaborating with TCA to host tech events, work together on various kinds of content, take part in eventual trade missions and more, all pertaining to the tech scene.

Martin Buckle, board member at BCCTC, will be managing the TCA/BCCTC relationship on the BCCTC side. In the context of this relationship, KC Goundiam, who is Vice-President of BCCTC, will be acting in her capacity as TCA’s founder.

Do your business interests involve the tech field? If so, you’re invited to explore TCA and join if you feel you’d be a good fit.

If you’d like to learn more about TCA and the vast GTA network, you might enjoy this London Tech Week panel, taking place online on Monday, September 7. It brings together representatives of 12 different chapters from all over the world, including KC Goundiam for TCA.

Stay tuned for more info about upcoming collaborative initiatives!

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