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Member Advisory: London Consulting Group

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce presents its latest Sponsor Member: London Consulting Group View as Webpage

Helping you shape your business We uncover opportunities, implement solutions and commit to sustainable results, turning your financial and operating goals into reality. Our clients see millions driven to their bottom line in the first year and receive a 5 to 1 return on average. We make change happen London Consulting Group was founded to help organizations get more from their businesses by implementing management systems. Our team has served a range of organizations across multiple industries, from multinational Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses, improving their performance. Our result Over the course of thousands of projects, we have helped our clients achieve extraordinary results. Our team can make sure that you get more from your business. Join our global roster of clients that have engaged us to help them get their business in its best shape.

Robert Mitchell, President of London Consulting Group

The challenge is to synchronize the changes and make sure they lead to measurable results. Our services are very hands-on and practical. We need to improve the client’s business workflows, boost these whenever possible with technological tools and finally make sure everyone in the company adopts this new working environment as their own. That last part is key! Andrew Elliot, Managing Partner, London Consulting Group.

We create meaningful changes ensuring they become the competencies our customers need to shape their growth. We do it driven by technology and a practical approach. Raul Garcia, Managing Director, Canada, London Consulting Group.

London Consulting Group was instrumental in assisting Management in designing and implementing new business processes to allow greater flexibility, strengthen administrative procedures and allow better performance of the back office. To this date, we have continued to pursue enhancement as originally designed by LCG and our teams, achieving significant benefits from this effort. Top Executive 500 Fortune Company

I am pleased to welcome London Consulting Group to the The British Canadian Chamber, I have really enjoyed meeting their team and I look forward to working with them to promote the well-being and growth of our members. Idalia Obregon, Executive Director, British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce

For more information please contact: Robert Mitchell, President / LinkedIn Raul Garcia, Managing Director, Canada / LinkedIn


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