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Pretty in Pink, a dynamic women-led not-for-profit committee is spearheading a fundraiser cricket match in Toronto. Pretty In Pink was formed in 2021, by a group of strong and compassionate women in recognition of the pressing need of medical crisis globally and in Sri Lanka.

With the urgent need of continued financial support for the Indira Cancer Trust’s new Pediatric Palliative Care Unit and the Princess Margaret Hospital, the committee bearing inmind its last years success, will be hosting an “Exhibition Cricket Match” on August 19, 2023 at the prestigious Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club. The planned event will see Team Canada vs. Team Pretty in Pink play a friendly T10 format match.

Date: August 19th, 2023 Time: 11:30 AM – 7:00 PM (Official Ceremony 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM) Location: 141 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M5M 3A3

In order to engage the GTHA’s cricket community in this worthy effort, the committee has invited two former international cricket legends from Sri Lanka who were a part of the 1996 ICC World Cricket Cup winning team. Legendary international cricket stars Roshan Mahanama and Chaminda Vaas have graciously agreed to attend and officiate the friendly match. Following the match, an auctioning of a cricket bat signed by the 1996 World Cup champions will be held and proceeds raised from the auctioning will be added to the overall donations given to (ICT). The event will end with the committee hosting a social gathering in the main lounge.

Why a Cricket match fundraiser you may wonder, especially a sport that is dominated traditionally by men being organized, officiated and managed by a group of women? Wanting to break barriers and challenge norms, the all women run committee wants to bring forward an unforgettable experience to all those partaking in the fundraiser with finesse and a touch of feminine brilliance. The game of cricket is a highly competitive sport, but one that is also leisurely played and enjoyed amongst many communities all throughout Canada and it is also a sport that brings many communities together regardless of race, religion or culture. In its initial stages of planning this year’s fundraiser, many options were deliberated. With the announcement of GT20 cricket matches beingheld in July to August 2023 the committee members agreed having its own cricket match to further promote the game of cricket as a staple sport within Canada’s diverse communities. The fundraiser being held will not only raise funds for our chosen cause but one that will bring awareness to those individuals that might not be familiar with the sport.

Media Contact: Dhashi Barttholomeusz Email: Tel: 416 357 3272


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