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Woman of the Day

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

To celebrate and inspire women in Canada, the BCCTC launched the ‘Woman of the Day’ Campaign (WoD) on February 25th, 2017, as part of BCCTC’s Women in Business event.

The campaign profiles a variety of women, from entrepreneurs to those established on the corporate ladder. The aim is to demonstrate the huge amount that women have achieved in Canada so far, to feel proud and to encourage women to be unstoppable.

Their interviews also provide an insight into the issues they have faced and their opinions on issues that women still face in business in 21st Century Canada.

BCCTC today’s “Woman of the Day” is:

Jillian Couse

ACCA North America

What is your experience of a glass ceiling?

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with inspiring female leaders who have mentored me over the years. Having this support has enabled me to progress throughout my career, receiving the guidance to develop and grow. I’ve also been lucky that in my profession, not-for-profit education and association management, I’ve witnessed equality of men and women in leadership positions who have advocated for diverse talent.

What advice do you have for others in business, particularly women?

Be a mentor, have a mentor. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career. You can always provide and receive guidance, this is so vital to career development and I think many of us become so busy that it falls to the bottom of the priority list. It shouldn’t! I also think it’s really important to get involved and seek out opportunities for leadership: whether it’s through your employer, in the community, or through a professional association – there are always opportunities and giving back can be incredibly rewarding.

What is your opinion on quotas and the gender pay gap?

Quotas for women on boards can be useful. They can shine a spotlight on the urgent need for more women in senior roles. The first recommendation to get more women in the boardroom is about culture. It’s about building a respect for gender equality, equality for all people, into the DNA of your business. It’s about communicating your values at every level of an organization, from your internal employees to your external customers or stakeholders.

What do you think the #MeToo movement needs to do in order to make a huge impact in women’s professional lives?

It’s positive to see the changes we’re witnessing across many organizations, and I can speak to the focus at ACCA as it relates to equity, diversity and inclusion. Inclusion is a core value at ACCA, one of the reasons we were created, and speaks to our commitment in removing barriers, creating connections and embracing diversity. ACCA was the first accountancy body to admit a woman, back in 1909. I think it’s also incredibly important for organizations to support measures which impact women’s professional lives, for instance through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 5, Gender Equality. ACCA is committed to doing this across our global community and achieve gender equality across our employee population.

I'm thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day with the British Canadian Chamber. This year's IWD theme of Break the Bias is motivating to me personally, and I'm grateful to BCCTC and ACCA for promoting it. ACCA believes that the accountancy profession has a huge role to play in achieving equity, diversity and inclusion, in breaking the bias, and that ACCA members - men and women - can play a significant and vital role in accelerating this."

Jillian Couse

ACCA North America

"Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias."


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