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6th European Chambers Networking Event

Another vibrant & memorable networking event with our fellow European Chambers on Tuesday March 19th ~ we were specially delighted to see so many members of the BCCTC attending!

This time it was organized by the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber and joined by business professionals and members of the European Chambers:

🇬🇧 British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce

🇫🇮 Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce

🇳🇱 Holland House Canada (previously Canadian Netherlands Business and Professional Association)

🇮🇪 Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce, Toronto

🇨🇭 Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Ontario

🇧🇪 Belgian Canadian Business Chamber

It was a night filled with engaging, even hilarious conversations and vital networking possibilities. We were very pleased to have Ambassador of Belgium, Patrick Van Gheel, attending the event, at this sold out event at the Prenup Pub - which has one of the best selection of European beers.

Special thanks to Morgan Williams International Inc. for donating a scrumptious British basket!

Thank you all for joining us and congratulations to all lucky prize winners!


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