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BCCTC Welcomes New Sponsor Member: Trajectory

Trajectory is the brand development partner of choice for growth-oriented organizations of all types

including economic development, tourism destinations, professional services, and new



A boutique agency, based in Toronto, Canada, our client base extends across North America – from Washington, DC to Vancouver Island. We enable organizations to create compelling value propositions for customers, talent, investors, and partners. Our tools: brand strategy and messaging to fuel growth; identity and design systems to build visibility and drive marketing; plus implementation tools that equip your teams for success.


Trajectory’s clients range from “next stage” ventures business primed for growth, to leaders in technology, environment, finance, services, creative industries, education and place development. 


Our in-house services include: 

• Stakeholder research: qualitative and quantitative

• Brand strategy and positioning 

• Naming, nomenclature, brand voice

• Identity: design systems, guidelines, brand playbooks

• Corporate communications, reports, newsletters

• Branded content: print, digital marketing, video, interactive media, exhibits, environmental graphics, podcasts 

• Brand training, webinars

Connect with us:

Instagram: trajectoryco


Contact: Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist


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