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Canada United Kingdom Trade Update

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement entered into force on April 1, 2021.

Last year, the Government of Canada held public consultations to solicit the views of Canadians on a Canada-United Kingdom FTA and related economic, social and environmental impacts. Through this process, Canadians demonstrated strong support for an FTA with the United Kingdom. For a summary of the feedback received, visit the Report: Public Consultations on priorities for trade negotiations with the United Kingdom.1

Canada and the United Kingdom will be formally commencing the negotiation on a comprehensive bilateral free trade agreement in April, 2022.

The UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group for Trade & Export Promotion, has concluded their latest report on Trade Strategy. Visit the Review of UK Trade Strategy report.

This latest evidence session of our working group is based on expert testimony from figures across business, consumer organisations, academia and civil society. It has illustrated the essential need to promote an inclusive, sustainable approach to global trade involving all aspects of the trade agenda.

Since our formation, the APPG has played an essential role in keeping Government informed of the challenges and concerns that are being faced. In presenting these recommendations, we hope that Government will give serious consideration to and take forward the points raised.2

Lord Waverley, Founder and co-chair of the Trade & Export Promotion APPG

The start of the new year was accompanied by changing customs rules for goods moving between the EU and Great Britain, encouraging progress on the Section 232 tariff dispute, and easing Covid-19 travel restrictions. Also included here are key updates for transatlantic trade and investment, including new guidance for businesses from BEIS, and updates on new rules under the National Security and Investment Act.

The events and initiatives in the wider BAB Network have ramped up again after the holidays, reflecting many of the key priorities of our members, including a focus on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and current policy developments on both sides of the Atlantic. Click here for additional information and upcoming events.

Save the date!

Week of Feb 21, 2022 - Scottish Virtual Trade Mission

As part of a wider Scotland-Canada Business Week and in partnership with Chambers of Commerce in Scotland and SNABC, the BCCTC is hosting a virtual networking event to complement this Scottish Virtual Trade Mission. Sectors: Food & Drink, Tourism, Healthcare, Technology and many more. Request info on the companies included in the trade mission here.

Monday March 7 and Tuesday March 8, 2022 - International Women's Day

A hybrid event (in person + online) to celebrate women leaders and the difference they are making in today's world. Details to be announced.

1Notice of Intent to enter into negotiations toward a Canada-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement. Government of Canada.

2 Report: Review of Trade Strategy. The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Trade & Export Promotion.


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