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Meet our Members

BCCTC's Entrepreneur Members

BG Communications

BG Communications International Inc. is a translation firm that has been providing world-class linguistic services for over 27 years. Through translation, interpreting, revision, proofreading, linguistic adaptation, transcreation, content creation, social media management, language courses and overall linguistic support, we help our clients secure the understanding they need to prosper internationally.

For more information, please contact:

Maryse Benhoff +1 514 376 7919 | +1 800 870 7919

Gazing Canada

Gazing Canada's unique principle to high performance is simple: Using the Red2Blue technique we teach you how to achieve control over how you think, react and perform. We develop the structure, skills and mindset you need to perform well when it matters, whether you're a high-powered CEO, a sales manager, a coach of a sports team, an education establishment or an elite athlete. Our one-page map and tools enable clarity of thought, skill execution and consistent behaviours. You’ll discover how to master the deliberate shift from the overview to the detail regardless of who you are, or what situation you’re in.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Marr

R. J. McGregor & Associates

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams!

R. J. McGregor & Associates focuses on helping businesses to increase their revenues by:

  1. Sales enhancement domestically and/or internationally,

  2. Accessing government financial programs,

  3. Accessing private sector investment,

  4. Access economic development offset programs, such a Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy.

For more information, please contact:


BCCTC's Personal Members

Liz Palmer

Liz Palmer is an Award-Winning Author, Wine Journalist, Dame Chevalier de Coteaux de Champagne, Wine Judge and one of 2022 Top Global Wine Influencers.

Liz is not only a well-respected award-winning author and wine journalist (since 2004), she also has an international reputation as a critic and judge, and has interviewed and tasted with some of the industry’s leading winemakers, professors and personalities.

She has been recognized as one of the “Top 20” Global Social Media Influencers on wine and spirits; ranked Top 1% Industry SSI – LinkedIn. Among her many accomplishments, Liz was awarded the title of “Dame Chevalier” of the Ordre de Coteaux de Champagne, has recently participated as a judge in the 2022 CMA [Canadian Marketing Awards]; is a TEDxToronto Insider, and a Facebook - Business Insights Panel Member. Liz sits on the Board of the Federation Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains des Vins et Spiritueux. (FIJEV), and is the founding President of Les Dames d'Escoffier Ontario, and Women in Wine Talks (Global online platform). Liz is also the recipient of the 2021 Remy Martin Award (The Cambridge Food and Wine Society of Canada).

Liz Palmer website Twitter: @LizPalmer_Wine Insta: lizpalmer_

Michael Korman

Michael Korman holds 27 years in financial planning and portfolio management. His practice guides clients in a process to clarify their values, articulate their goals and commits them to a correct strategy to achieve these goals by targeted dates. For value, he coordinates all professional affairs, consolidates all outside accounts to enable a uniform measured risk level, gives contexts to the purpose of all investments, shares a vision of your future and gives you perspective on gradually attaining your finances in good order. You derive value meeting Michael whether or not you join his Ideal Client Community.

Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd.

Ian Goldman

Throughout his career Ian's clients have enjoyed his collaborative approach in helping teams determine best software/technology/devices to improve their organization's processes. Until 2010 he worked for a multinational pharmaceutical developer- manufacturer.

He now offers business analysis/project management services to companies developing innovations to improve longevity and geriatric care services.

Ian has served on the Canada - Northern UK Health Science Alliance and as advisor to clients of innovation programs through Baycrest and AGE-WELL.

Ian Goldman LinkedIn Twitter: @IanPGoldman


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