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New Book Alert: Parsai Immigration Services - 88 Tips on Immigration to Canada

A Book on Visa, eTA, Work Permit, Study Permit, and Immigration to Canada

By Al Parsai, MA, DTM, RCIC - CEO, Parsai Immigration Services

If you intend to visit Canada, study or work in Canada, immigrate to Canada, or become a Canadian citizen, you need to go through an application process.

A typical application includes submitting some forms and documents to the immigration authorities. Some applications, however, mandate you to attend a phone or face to face interview with an immigration or border services officer.

Most of the immigration applications are time-consuming and nerve-racking. Several laws, policies, and procedures govern immigration applications. Many of them, such as inadmissibility rules, are complex or ambiguous. Even when you submit a simple application, you usually need to answer questions about these complex aspects of immigration.

About the Book

This book is a unique text that explains many concepts of visa and immigration in simple and understandable terms. By reading this book, you will enter the world of immigration to Canada. The book offers you 88 different tips on immigration to Canada. If you read them carefully, you will learn about your options and obstacles. Since this book is a condensed version of what Al knows about the Canadian immigration system, it could save you hundreds of hours of wandering the internet for answers. The book is easy to read. It is full of valuable tips.

Read this book and seize the opportunity of knowing how you could move to the most welcoming country in the world.

The Book Content

88 Tips on Immigration to Canada consists of six parts, namely:

Part One: The Basics – With an introduction to the immigration terms, this section introduces the reader to the world of immigration to Canada. If you have not dealt with visa or immigration to Canada before, you will find this section immensely useful.

Part Two: Immigration to Canada – Canada welcomes more than 300,000 new immigrants every year. The immigrants land in Canada under three major options of family reunification, economic immigration, and refugees. Each option further covers several subcategories. Part two of the book focuses on all these options. It is probably the most-wanted part of the book.

Part Three: Working in Canada – Most of Al’s clients prefer to work temporarily in Canada rather than immigrating to the country. Temporary foreign workers play an important role in contributing to the Canadian economy and filling labour shortages. In fact, more than 250,000 temporary foreign workers enter Canada every year. There are plenty of options for these workers. The focus of part three of the book is a quick review of these options.

Part Four: Studying in Canada – Roughly 350,000 international students receive education in Canada. They may study in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary programs. Canadian educational institutions offer high-quality training both in English and French languages. Their tuition fees are moderate, and most students may work while studying in Canada. Read Part four and understand your options, opportunities, and limitations as international students.

Part Five: Immigration Issues – Unfortunately, not every immigration or visa application goes smoothly. For example, some people are inadmissible to Canada for security, criminality, financial, medical, or other issues. Part five covers the dark side of immigration to Canada. It tries to explain problems and their potential remedies.

Part Six: Settling in Canada – Most people who immigrate to Canada need to make several adjustments to call Canada home eventually. This part of the book is an introduction to settling in Canada.

Why 88 Tips on Immigration to Canada?

When it comes to immigration to Canada, there is so much information on the internet that you may get lost. “88 Tips on Immigration to Canada” skims through the information in a concise and easy-to-understand way. It covers very basic matters to significantly complex subjects. It even offers several hints to the practitioners. The fact that the book offers 88 chapters makes it a pleasant read.

About the Author

Al Parsai is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. He also teaches the immigration diploma courses at Ashton college and the Global School of Corporate Excellence. Al has eight years of work experience as an immigration consultant and more than 22 years of experience as an author and educator. He has dealt with hundreds of visa and immigration applications. His clients have been from more than 35 different countries so far. The combination of hands-on experience and the teaching abilities gives Al the edge to write and publish this book.

The book is available in Kindle and paperback editions. Visit for purchasing options. Alternatively, visit your local Amazon website and buy a copy now.

Pick a copy today and enjoy reading!


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