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Payments International makes global banking and currency exchange easy.

As a proud dual British/Canadian citizen and a new British Canadian Chamber of Commerce member I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my company Payments International. Payments International through our partnerships with a global fintech leader and Barclays Bank, provides a complete end-to-end solution with multi-currency bank accounts and transparent foreign currency exchange pricing. We give you the controls and transparency to easily manage your cross-border needs.

With Barclays Bank we have taken the pain out of setting up overseas bank accounts. At Payments International it typically takes between 1-3 days to complete the on-boarding process. Once you’re a client, you will have access to up to 38 currency accounts including GBP, EUR, USD & C$. These accounts will allow you to convert currencies, make or receive payments, or just hold up to 34 foreign currencies within your multi-currency accounts. Your accounts are available 24/7 in real time, all of your balances and transaction history are visible in a single dashboard.

At Payments International you typically experience +40% in savings on foreign currency conversions. You have access to 38 currencies, and you can make payments to over 210 countries. Making a payment is easy, simply click the stored beneficiary name, enter your desired currency payment amount, schedule your payment date and when your payment is sent, you will receive an automated-confirmation email.

Receiving payments is just as simple, we provide you a single multi-currency wire instruction in your name, which will automatically transfer the received currency to your correct currency account. When the money is received, an automated email will let you know your money has arrived and your money is available immediately, no holding periods.

Through our partnerships, Payment International is regulated in the UK, EU, USA and Canada. We offer the latest security practices including bespoke multi-level authorization and two- factor authentication.

Payments International has staff located across Canada, USA, Japan & Spain. If you would like more information or a quick demonstration contact me at

Connect with us: FacebookLinkedInTwitter - website Payments International is a cloud based, online Foreign Exchange & Payments Platform supporting both Corporate and Individual clients


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