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Tech Canada Advocates Launch

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It was a pleasure to host the Honourable Victor Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, along with Fouzia Younis, OBE, the British Consul-General to Toronto, for our Tech Canada Advocates Launch event on Nov 14.

From government priorities to regulatory compliance, our panel discussed developments in the tech sectors in both Ontario and the UK, along with the successful partnerships facilitated through B2BeeMatch and the BCCTC. Under the Ford government, Ontario’s tech sector has created over 100,000 jobs and we look forward to continuing working with the Minister to facilitate growth.

Tech Canada Advocates is led by BCCTC former VP and founder of B2BeeMatch Karima-Catherine Goundiam, TCA's mission is to bring together decision makers and thought leaders to elevate the tech industry at home and abroad. Priority initiatives in Canada include Diversity in Tech, Mini-Tech, and Francophone Tech - we were delighted to have the presence of London & Partners, RootQuotient (our latest star) and Fédération des gens d'affaires francophones de l'Ontario as well.

Our sincerest thanks to Marcus Hinkley, Hunter Fox and Thomas Timmins from Gowling WLG and our corporate sponsors and partners, in making this event a success.

Hunter Fox updated attendees on recent developments in UK-Canada Free Trade Agreement negotiations. Here's a quick recap of what's been happening, including why you may want to stock up on your favourite British 🧀 in the near future:

🌐🤝 Update on Canada-UK FTA Negotiations 🍁 💂‍♀️

📣 Progress & Challenges: Negotiations for the Canada-UK Free Trade Agreement have been underway since March 2022, aiming to craft a modern, bespoke agreement reflecting the evolving relationship. Representatives have been meeting in London and Ottawa, focusing on innovative technologies, climate provisions, and trade digitization to foster innovation in both countries.

🚧 Recent Roadblocks: However, recent negotiations encountered hurdles. The UK's potential accession to the CPTPP presents obstacles, with Canada focusing attention on UK beef imports. Additionally, the UK prioritizing deals with the US may prolong the Canada-UK FTA talks.

Deadline & Pressure Points: Pressure mounts as the deadline approaches; the UK's special access to the Canadian cheese market expires at the end of 2023. Failure to reach an agreement could impact UK cheese exports to Canada. Canada appears to be leveraging this to extract concessions from the UK.

📅 What's Next: Round 8 of negotiations is scheduled for later this month. Opinions on meeting the April 2024 deadline vary, with some optimistic and others believing it may be extended.

Stay tuned for updates following the upcoming negotiations. The journey towards a comprehensive agreement continues! 🤝 🧀 🥩 #CanadaUKFTA #TradeNegotiations #EconomicPartnership

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Tech Canada Advocates (TCA) serves as the Canadian hub of the Global Tech Advocates network. Established in London a decade ago, the international network's mission is to unite decision-makers, thought leaders, investors, and foster the growth of the tech industry both domestically and internationally.

The network has grown to include over 30,000 members in 31 hubs.

In Canada, while deeply connected to the international network, TCA is also focusing on verticals that are pertinent here, such as:

- Priority tech clusters

- Diversity and inclusion

- Francophone tech - TCA has a strong partnership with the French-speaking business community represented by Dominic Mailloux, President, and Richard Kempler Executive director of the Fédération des gens d'affaires francophones de l'Ontario

- Mini-tech – the next generation of tech leaders

TCA's mission is to showcase Canadian tech brilliance, not just locally but on a global scale.

This is more than an event; it's a chance for all of us to kick off this journey together. And many more gatherings and collaborations to come.


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