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The BCCTC is pleased to welcome its newest Sponsor Member Rootquotient

Rootquotient is a product engineering company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for startups, scaleups and enterprises. Our team of diverse and forward-thinking problem-solvers is committed to transforming the technology landscape and making a positive impact in this digital world. At Rootquotient, we foster an environment of creativity, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver high-quality products and services that meet the unique requirements of each client. Our expertise in Web, Mobile, Data, and Cloud enables us to provide custom software solutions using agile methodologies to drive efficiency and become a transformative force in the technology industry.

Across the industries of Healthcare, Banking, Education, IT, Real Estate, Logistics, etc., we establish strategic technology partnerships with SMEs, enabling them to achieve business breakthroughs and stay ahead of the curve with the least technical debts. Our strong commitment to our clients sets us apart, and our capable and visionary leadership team brings a wealth of experience in making it possible. We are driven by the vision of “Democratizing Technology”, set by Raj, CEO & Founder of Rootquotient. Our strong business acumen helps us deliver highly scalable technology solutions which gives us pride in being at the forefront of the tech industry, continually pioneering and keeping up with the evolving technology to create a better tomorrow, today. For more information, please contact: Sri Nemili Aravamudan, Director of Business Development +1 (437) 970 5884 Partha Raghavan, VP & CTO, +1 (905) 783 6923 partha@rootquotient.com


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